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Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Post, Part II: Season of Smiles

Merry Christmas!  =D

Here's the 2nd part of the holiday posts... finally!  =P  The original plan was to post it maybe a couple of days before Christmas.  But this and that happened, and I had some important things to finish.  So, better late than never!  =P  
Christmas was yesterday here, by the way.  But it's still Christmas in other parts of the world so maybe this isn't that late.  =P
Besides, I had to make the video!  =P  It's not much.  Hehe.  Just a simple lyric video.  I just thought I'd try my hand at making videos.  Might be useful someday, you know!  =P  So anyway, please bear with the video below, it's my first one.  =)

Closeup's Season of Smiles Closeup & Christmas Albums
The idea for these holiday posts actually came to me when I listened to some old mini-cds I have (and I mentioned this briefly in part I) earlier in this year's Christmas season. 
They are the Season of Smiles Closeup (red) and Christmas (green) albums (see picture on the right).  They came out a few years ago as promotional materials for Closeup, a brand of toothpaste.
That is to say, they came free with a certain size box of their products at the time.  And I'm generally a sucker for freebies when I happen to see them.  =P  So I grabbed these.
Both cds have this song (Season of Smiles) as their carrier single, so to speak.  And each album has four other songs.  The red one has songs that I think they used in their commercials.  And the green one has other Christmas songs as performed by some local bands. 
These two songs - My Grown Up Christmas List and Season of Smiles - were my favorites.  So I thought I'd make a couple of posts and share them with you.  =)

So moving on to the song.  Season of Smiles by ItchyWorms. 

The song is set in the Christmas season, but I think it has a message that can apply to any time of the year. 

(When) you're feeling down ...
One smile will take away your frown
One smile will turn your day around

That's true!  It has happened to me a lot.  Whenever I see something that makes me smile or laugh, it lifts my spirits up even when I'm feeling really down at the time.

So try it!  Smile!  And pass it around.  =)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Post, Part I: Grown-Up Christmas List

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end

This is my grown-up Christmas list.

This song was originally recorded by David Foster (music composer) with Natalie Cole, but has since been recorded by numerous other artists.  I, for one, heard it first (I think) a few years back as a song included in a promotional mini-cd that came free with a certain toothpaste package... (more on that in part 2, maybe.)

Anyway.  It's a nice song.  Although I always thought of it as a sad song.  Because if you have wishes such as these, then that means the reality is: that there are lives torn apart, that there are wars, that there are wounded hearts, that there are those without friends, that right loses, that love ends...

But then again, I guess, if your mood is a little better, a little lighter, you may see it as a song of hope.

And so to everyone, whether you are Christian or not, or whether you celebrate Christmas or not - it was meant to be a Christmas song but I think everyone would wish the same - I hope the song will send a message to your hearts.